Ship Recycling


A prior to recycling IHM is required before a vessel can be accepted by the ship recycling facility. MITeK will assist in adding the required extra elements to existing IHMs, including development of Part I and II of the IHM or, if an IHM is absent or sub-standard, conduct a fully intrusive IHM survey.
The requirements of the EU Ship Recycling Regulation and the Hong Kong Convention require a ship-specific Ship Recycling Plan (SRP) to be developed by the Ship Recycling Facility. MITeK team of ship recycling, waste management and hazardous materials experts are on hand to assist in the preparation of the SRP.

In addition, MITeK offers advice and guidance on the selection of suitable facilities, provides supervisory oversight during ship recycling activities and provides an owners audit report. This demonstrates compliance and offers assurances that the marine asset is being recycled in a sustainable and responsible manner.

MITeK’s Ship Recycling Planning and Auditing related services include:

  • Sustainable and Responsible Ship Recycling Guidance
  • Ship Recycling Plans (SRP)
  • Ship Recycling Supervision and Auditing
  • Ship Recycling Facility Plan (SRFP)