Dynamic Positioning

Dynamic Positioning Services

MITeK Ltd Dynamic Positioning Team provide Consultancy and Survey Services for offshore DP vessels like supply vessels, MODU units, pipe and cable laying vessels, drilling ships, semisubmersibles. In this specific field MITeK Ltd Consultants and Surveyors provide DP FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analysis), DP FMEA Proving Trials, DP FMEA Annual Trials and CMID Inspections The FMEA Analysis, as applied to a Dynamically Positioned vessel, provides a comprehensive, systematic and documented analysis to establish any important failure modes with regard to station keeping. The DP FMEA Analyses attempt to determine any failure modes that might affect the station keeping as a whole and cause a position loss.FMEA Analysis is required by Classification Societies on delivery of DP vessels and a renewal analysis is required every five years.

DP FMEA Proving Trials for fleet of vessels with IMO DP Class 2 and Class 3 notations, will verify that the constructed configuration conforms to the FMEA report.Detailed planning is carried out when preparing for the FMEA Proving Trial in order to fully test and verify the detection modes declared in the FMEA report.

DP FMEA Annual Trials are carried out within three months before or after each anniversary date of the initial survey. The annual survey should ensure that the DP-ystem has been maintained in accordance with applicable parts of IMO and IMCA guidelines and is in good working order.Further an annual test of all important systems and components should be carried out to document the ability of the DP-vessel to keep position after single failures associated with the assigned equipment class.The IMCA CMID (Common Marine Inspection Document) provides a standard format for inspection of offshore vessels and small boats. Its use helps promote safety and efficiency and can help reduce the number of repeat inspections on individual marine vessels.